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I am a professional wedding photographer who developed his skills and knowledge through many years of experience, and many hours of shooting. I am able to anticipate what will happen next, and I will know the flow of your wedding day.

It's not a photo-shoot, it's a dynamic event - with only one chance to capture all those precious wedding moments!

For couples who prefer candid moments over staged shots, and you're not the kind of people who like posing, my informal reportage photography style gives you a pure documentary coverage of your wedding day.

If you prefer a more organised style covering all the elements and details (maybe you would like me to work from your 'shot-list' for example), then I can quite happily provide modern, traditional wedding photography. There will be times during your wedding, where I would need to take control (Group photos and portraits are a classic example of this).

You will have spent a lot of time and effort on the details of your wedding. I will capture those details, and make them part of your wedding story.

Rings and jewellery, bouquets and floristry, your wedding dress, table settings, the cake and reception decor, etc. will all be photographed artistically and well framed, in-focus, at a clean angle, and with no random bits chopped off.

I have attended hundreds of weddings, so you can rest assured knowing that I have seen most things before, and my experience gives me the ability to keep calm under pressure and deal with all situations calmly. I can blend into the background, or be up front if necessary.

I'm never fazed by weather, lighting, people, locations, or circumstances - bring it on! I can deal with it. I have experience of taking photos in tricky lighting situations, and I know how to create light when it isn't there - many wedding venues are dark inside.

You will want to feel at ease, and my responsibility is to make you feel comfortable and natural, not stiff and awkward.

All moments of your wedding day, should be fun and enjoyable!

I regard my wedding photography as a fine art, and so I am always evolving my art to tell a wedding story with fresh eyes and new ideas each time. I put a creative twist into my images, and I aim to put my clients at ease, without pressure or awkwardness. I can also be quirky or classical when required, but always endeavour to be artistic and contemporary.

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